Establishment background and purpose

In view of the deep rooted business of the headquarter company of the group developed in the petrochemical industry services in Taiwan, the company is familiar with the petrochemical industry chains along with the establishment of the affiliate of “Heng-Yi Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.” specialized in business related to cross-strait chemical/petroleum product direct transport routes and port agency as well as ship affairs etc., the company further established the affiliate of “Heng-Yun Trading Co., Ltd.” in 2011 as a trading agency for promoting the trading activities of chemicals cross the strait at the beginning and further developed into a chemical/petroleum product trading import/export company.

The purpose of the “Heng-Yun Trading Co., Ltd.” is to integrate the group business operation with the advantages of the headquarter in land transport and marine transport of the headquarter in order to create win-win opportunities with the customers and to increase the market competitiveness; therefore, Taiwan chemicals can be sold to regions of Asia, Europe and America etc. with the most competitive advantages while searching for import sources for supplying goods to Taiwan at the same time.

Organization structure

Chi Hsen Group is dedicated in the development of chemical/petroleum product trading business, and has established import/export companies of Strong Hero Inc. and Hong Kong company - Heng-Yun Trading Limited etc. Organization structure

Company vision

With the foundation Taiwan petrochemical export, stabilize the Chinese market along with active expansion and development of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia markets.

Company vision